As a standard feature, I like to put the secondary knot about 4-5 inches up from the turk's head and use a spiral grapevine service binding from there to the transition.  (Pictured Below)  This is a matter of style, it doesn't affect the whip structurally, and it doesn't affect the way the whip cracks at all.

 If you prefer the traditional style with the secondary knot at the transition (pictured below left), or if you choose not to have any secondary knot or grapevine service at all, (pictured below left) please let me know.  Otherwise, I'll put it on.

4 foot whip:  8 inches

5 foot whip: 10 inches

6 foot whip: 12 inches

7 foot whip: 13 inches

8 foot whip: 14 inches

Copper Collar- $10

Nickel Silver Collar-$25


In Copper or Nickel Silver

I currently offer collars in copper or nickle silver.  I make the copper collars, and the ends will be covered by knots.  I have to order the nickle silver collars, so they cost more.  The nickle silver collars have what's known as "beaded edges", and they will be exposed- The knots will Butt up against the edges of the collar.

Bull Whips

Our interpretation of a great classic

  It's a great satisfaction to see and feel your bull whip roll out and terminate in a nice, crisp, crack.  If you're an experienced whip cracker you already know, and if you're ordering your first whip it's something to look forward to.  Either way, we're sure you'll be delighted with one of our hand crafted whips.  When you place your order, you'll notice some drop down menus with color choices.  Some of these are different from what you might have seen before, do the expanded color choices that Wave Lace affords us.  The first, is what colors of Wave Lace do you want for the thong.You can pick two.  If you want a solid color thong, just pick the same color twice.   I will automatically use these two colors for the knots, and you will get falls of every color that's on the whip.  You can also choose one accent color, which will be worked into the  knots and falls. The accent color will be paracord, so there's a lot more choice there.  I'm limited to a 10 -item dropdown menu so if the accent color you want isn't on the list, just pick "Other" and let me know what color you'd like via e-mail.   If you pick two thong colors and one accent, the knots will be the first thong color and the accent.  For example, if you want the thong to be coyote tan and black, and you want the knots to be chocolate brown and black, choose Black for the first thong color, Coyote Tan for the second, and Chocolate Brown for the accent.   When you checkout, you'll be prompted to provide hand measurements.  What I need is:

1.The width of your palm (in inches or centimeters, whatever you prefer).

2. The length from the base of your palm to the base of your middle finger

3. The length of your middle finger.

  Everyone is different after all, and person who is 6'4" tall will likely need a larger heel knot than someone who is 5'4" tall, just as they most likely have different shoe sizes.  In this way, I endeavor to make your whip uniquely your own.  

   All of our whips have the English Eye quick change fall hitch, and you'll receive several spare falls as well as crackers with your whip.  The falls will reflect the colors you have chosen for the thong and the knots, and also, as a recent addition, all of our whips come with a neon orange fall for high visibility.  You'll also receive duplicate colors with different weights, so that you can fine-tune your whip to your preference both visually and where balance are concerned.    

 One last thing to consider, is whether you'd like to have a collar on your whip.  I currently offer collars in copper and nickel silver.  The copper collars I make myself out of copper pipe, and the ends will be covered with knots.  I polish these, but be aware that copper will tarnish and develop a natural patina over time.  The nickel silver collars I have to order, and that's why they cost more.  They have what's known as "beaded ends" where you'll see a lip around the edges, I leave that exposed so that the knots butt up against the ends of the collar. 

  Also, I have some general handle length guidelines that I use but these are not set in stone.  If you have another preference, please just let me know and I'll be glad to accommodate you.  Here are the standard handle lengths:

Quality & Innovation
Length 4 foot $140.00 USD 6 foot $210.00 USD 8 foot $280.00 USD Thong Color 1 Black Coyote Tan Yellow Electric Blue Thong Color 2 Black Coyote Tan Yellow Electric Blue Accent Chocolate Brown Crimson Purple Camo Neon Orange Other

Beaded Brass Collar

Custom Options Plain $10.00 USD Etching $40.00 USD

A Note On Bullwhip Anatomy

Handles, Grapevine Service, and Length

Sometimes people mistakenly think I put really short handles on my whips, because they're looking at the distance between the Heel Knot and the second knot, that would normally mark the transition.    


Infinite Variety

On our drop down menus, we're limited to only 10 selections, and we've tried to use the most common choices for that.  However, there are over 100 colors available, with more colors coming out all the time.  So, if there's a color you want and you don't see it on the chart or in the drop-down menu, don't fret- Just select "Other" in the drop-down menu and then e-mail me the color you'd like.  If I don't have it, I'll be happy to order it in.  Here's some charts to give you some ideas: