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Whip Basics- A Beginners Guide

Volume III

Following the pattern, this volume builds on what you will have learned in Volume Two.  Among other things, you will learn the Figure Eight Overhead, as well as doing body turns safely during complex routines.  You will also learn about wrapping not only inanimate targets, but safely wrapping people, when you're ready to work with a partner.  The cracks you've learned previously will be merged and extended into a 23 crack routine, and Robby will go into more detail on teaching and coaching, as well as covering making an informed decision when buying a whip.

Running Time:  52 Minutes

Whip Basics- A Beginner's Guide

Volume II

Here you will build on what you learned in Volume 1 and go further.  The cracks presented here are:

  1. Figure Eight (fast and slow)
  2. Forward Crack Variation
  3. Coachman's Crack

By the end you will learn a new 10 crack routine and also you will begin to learn target work.  As with Volume One, Robby will show you how to avoid common beginner mistakes.  This volume is intended for advanced students, or those who have completed Volume One successfully.  Also, you will begin to learn how to teach others.

Running Time: 52 Minutes

Whip Basics- A Beginner's Guide

Volume I

This instructional DVD covers five of the most basic and well known cracks: 

  1. The Circus Crack
  2. The Underhand Crack
  3. The Forward Crack
  4. The Horizontal Crack
  5. The Reverse Horizontal Crack

There is special emphasis on avoiding common beginner mistakes, and by the end you will learn a 4 crack sequence.  This volume is intended for true beginners, although seasoned crackers can certainly use it for review.

Running Time: 61 Minutes


Whip Basics DVD's

With Robert Amper

Here is a 4 volume set of DVD's to guide you all the way through picking up a whip for the very first time to performing in shows and maintaining your whips, whether they be Leather or Synthetic.  These ship directly from Robby in Germany, so the price includes shipping- there won't be any additional charge added at checkout for that.  You may buy single discs, or we have all four volumes collected in one box available, as well as a handsome four disc set.  There are two prices shown for each volume or set, one inside of Germany and one for anywhere else in the world.  

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Exowhips T-shirts, Coffee Mugs, Etc.

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Whip Basics- A Beginner's Guide

Volumes I-IV in Individual Boxes

As with the Compilation listed above, here all four volumes are collected together, but they each have their own box.  This is still cheaper than buying them individually, but slightly more expensive than the single-box collection.  Of course, it also looks cooler on your video shelf this way.

Whip Basics- A Beginner's Guide

Compilation of Volumes I-IV on One Box (Four DVD's)

Here are all four volumes together.  If you are planning on collecting all four volumes, this represents a substantial savings.

Total Running Time: 294 Minutes

Whip Basics- A Beginner's Guide

Volume IV

Whereas the first three volumes in the series focus on learning cracks and techniques, Volume Four focuses on maintenance and handling of whips.  You will learn how to get your Leather whips through the winter, how to make your own crackers and how to attach them.  Also, you'll learn how to change a worn out fall without cutting your whip ( If you don't have one with an English Eye...)   In addition, there is an overview of different types of whips, and Robby will show you how to stage a professional performance, whether you're doing a TV appearance, a live stage show, or just a BBQ, as Robby says, there's no excuse not to perform professionally.  Think about that fora moment- In this age of cell phone cameras, if you come off bad when you start performing, it could follow you around for a long time.  Don't give yourself a bad reputation, learn to do it right and have fun!

Running Time: 129 Minutes