Quality & Innovation
Length 4 foot $155.00 USD 6 foot $230.00 USD 8 foot $320.00 USD Thong Color Black Coyote Tan Yellow Electric Blue Carapace Color 1 Chocolate Brown Crimson Purple Camo Neon Orange Other Carapace Color 2 Chocolate Brown Crimson Purple Camo Neon Orange Other Carapace Style Cowtail Solid Color


Endless Variety

On our drop down menus for carapace and knot colors, we're limited to 10 choices, so if you don't see what you want, select "Other", and e-mail me with the color you'd like to have.  Here's a small sampling of what's available:

This really only scratches the surface, so if you want a color that's not on the drop down menu, select "Other" and just e-mail me about what you'd like - If I don't have it in stock, I'll be more than happy to order it in.

Silver- $25


 In Copper, Nickel Silver, or Brass

I currently offer two basic collar styles and then there are some sub-options.  There are pipe collars in copper or brass that I make myself out of pipe and the ends will be covered by knots.  Also, there are collars with beaded edges, and the edges will show.  The beaded collars are available in Nickel Silver, Copper, and Brass.  I have to  order these and so they cost more.  For the pipe collars, the brass ones can be plain, aged, or aged with etching.  I do the etching with a chemical agent- If you want etching I will sketch the design until we get it where you like it.  Etching starts at $40, and may go higher depending on the complexity of the design.  On the beaded collars, etching can be done on either the Brass or Nickel Silver.  Sorry- I don't have a way to do it on copper at this point.

Pipe Copper- $10

Finally, there's also the option if just having a single color.  If you favor simplicity and just want a color accent, you may choose from any color we have.  Here's a 4 foot Exowhip with a simple blue carapace:

For the Carapace, you have a choice not just of colors, but of patterns;

There's the Cowtail Pattern:

It also looks quite striking with more strongly contrasting colors, such as Black & Neon Yellow:


Signature Style

This is the flagship of our line.  It combines the fluidity of Wave Lace and flat braided polyester with the pattern & color versatility of parachute cord, resulting in what we think is a very unique whip.  These are not just for collectors, however, these are constructed to be used, and to last.  They're also constructed to be user friendly with a heel knot specifically sized to your hand and a quick change English Eye fall hitch that makes changing falls a task that takes mere seconds, without ever having to untie anything.

  Sometimes  people mistakenly think these have very short handles, because they see the distance between the Heel Knot and the second knot that would normally mark the transition-  As a matter of style, I like to place the second knot about 4 or 5 inches up from the heel knot and run Grapevine Service (the spiral binding that you see on most of my whips) right to the end of the handle where the transition is.  So, you can always tell the length of the handle on my whips by where the Grapevine Service ends.

  When you order an Exowhip, you'll have some choices to make.  Our standard lengths run in whole feet from 4 to 8 feet in length.  However, that's not set in stone, I have made whips as short as 3 feet and a matched set that was 4.5, so if you have  a specific odd length, just ask and we'll come up with pricing and specs.


   The Cowtail pattern is the most versatile because it can be as simple as having two colors with four seams, but it's also the only pattern that allows for fancy plaiting patterns.  For example, the whip pictured at left features Single Diamonds, Bird's Eye, Solid Bands, and Double Diamonds.  Because of this, the Cowtail pattern is the most popular.  I never use the same combination of fancy patterns twice, ensuring that each whip stays unique.


There's also the V-pattern, pictured below in Black and Burgundy:


Thanks to the great variety of color that parachute cord affords, you can also pick something like a camoflauge color  and come up with quite an interesting pattern, like this Purple Camo Exowhip that was done for the Whip Basics Signature Range :

We also have some standard handle length guidelines, but these are flexible.  If you have a different preference, please let us know when you place your order.

4 foot- 8 inch handle

5 foot- 10 inch handle

6 foot- 12 inch handle

7 foot- 13 inch handle

8 foot- 14 inch handle

Knot Sizes

Because Your Whip Should Fit Like a Glove

When you check out, you'll be prompted for hand measurements- I need:

  1. The width of your palm
  2. The length from the base of your palm to the base of your middle finger
  3. The length of your middle finger.

With these, I can size the knot for your hand- Just like a glove