Whips 'n' History

An Online Gallery of Masterful Whip Photography

This is the website of my friend Mario Desgronte from Germany.  Mario is a very highly skilled photographer, he does all of the still photos for the reviews that our friend Robby Amper puts on Youtube.  So, ot follows that he gets a chance to take pictures of lots of very fine whips both from reviews and also from his private collection.

Handmade From Heel to Tip

Rachel McCollough's rise from novice to highly respected professional whipmaker has been nothing short of meteoric.  Her wooden handles are not turned on a lathe, but cut by hand with a rasp, and you would never know the difference.  

SuiGenerisWhips.com is run by my friend Jessie Edwards in Wisconsin.  I feel a kinship with her in that she takes an artistic design approach to her whip craft, and produces many innovative designs that you won't see any where else.  Combine that with great quality and very fair prices, and it's easy to see why Jessie is the person I most often refer customers to when my waiting list gets too long.

Artistry in Whipmaking

Giovanni Celeste

Old World Crafstmanship in Leather

Giovanni is a whipmaker from Italy who does fine work in kangaroo hide.  He doesn't just make great whips, check out his plaited walking sticks too!  Giovanni has a knack for doing the uncommon, he's the only person I know of who does lion taming whips and he once did a perfect replica of the whip used by Vincent Price in The Ten Commandments.​ If you have a kangaroo whip in mind, you can't go wrong with Gio.


The Voice of Experience

Rhett Kelley has been a pioneer in synthetic whipmaking with his nylon whips.  He wasn't the first to do it, but he does have the longest running website devoted to synthetic whipmaking.  It always takes a while for a new idea to take hold, and Rhett has done a tremendous amount to build public trust in the use of synthetic materials with his craftsmanship and excellent service.  I feel all of us that use synthetic materials owe him a debt of gratitude for that.


Excellent nylon whips with a personal touch

Bobbi Holyoak is a talented whipmaker and a good friend.  You won't just get a great whip from her, you'll get a whip that is personalized for you with a stone in the heel that Bobbi chooses based on each customer's traits.  


Cowwhips, by someone who should know!

Roy Partin is in a uniquely good position to know what makes a good cow whip for working cowboys- he manages a ranch in Texas and actually uses a whip on the trail.  Most of Roy's customers are working cowboys and he is committed to keeping his prices in a working man's budget.

The Whip Basics Ring of Trust

Setting a new Standard of Trust and Service in the Custom Whip Industry

There are good whip makers, and unfortunately, there are also bad or even dishonest whip makers... My friend Robby Amper, founder of the Whip Basics, had the idea to establish the Ring of Trust to establish a new level of transparency and service in the whip industry.  When you purchase a whip from a member of the Ring, you have not only that maker's word that you'll receive a quality product, but also the guarantee of the other members.  Please click the link to see more about how the Ring works. 

Florida Cracker Bullwhips

Leather, Nylon, and Firewhips

Einar Stephenson is a great craftsman and a fellow founding member of the Ring of Trust.  He's one of the few whip makers that works in leather as well as nylon, so you can get almost anything from him.  And, if you've ever wanted to try a firewhip, I feel he has the best, safest design with a heat sink double guard.


For all your paracord needs

I get all of my paracord here for the carapace, knots, and falls.  They have a great selection, good stock on hand, and you can order in 50', 100',  300', or 1000' lengths.  I have always gotten good service, so I'll keep going back. 

Bedford Arnis


Guro Michael Lorimer-George started as a customer and quickly became a friend and brother.  He shares my love of Martial Arts and has been a great supporter.  If you live in, or are planning on traveling to, the Bedford, UK area, be sure to contact him for some lessons.  He has chosen to focus on private lessons rather than class time because he can impart more knowledge to students that way, and they gain proficiency more quickly.  And please tell him Tyler said "Howdy"!

The Whip Basics

A Great Place to Discuss and Learn About Whips

Robby Amper is not only a great teacher, but also a friend.  He has been a great source of advice, constructive criticism, and friendship over the years.  The Whip Basics forum is the premier place to have whip related discussions, whether you need help learning a crack, want to learn about whipmaking, or if you are a whipmaker it's a great place to show your work and get advice and feedback.  You'll find a friendly environment without the petty namecalling and bickering that the Web sometimes succors...Robby has the vision that it's better to have a small tight knit group than a huge amount of members.  I've said before that Robby Amper is to whipcracking what the late great Ron Edwards was (and still is) to whipmaking.  Ron Edwards had a huge part in reviving the nearly lost art of whipmaking by writing his books.  Robby has done the same for whipcracking with his DVD's, but also with the forum by providing a place for people of all skill levels to learn and to grow.  

Quality & Innovation

Simon Martin

Simon works in Kangaroo hide and his craftsmanship is second to none!  He is a whipmaker in the classical Australian tradition and one of the finest at that.  He's also a talented cracker, a working stockman, and a real gentleman to deal with.