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King McNab, and Queen

3 Whips for Robby

This is a video my good friend Robby Amper produced on three whips he recently received from myself and  my fellow Ring of Trust members and friends Jonathan Lewis and Bobbi HolyOak.  This isn't technically a review, these were ordered for Robby's personal use and this was his kind way of saying thanks.  Watch the video to see what he has to say about the balance and feel of my most recent design compared to kangaroo hide....

The WB Ring of Trust

Purchase with Peace of Mind

The Ring of Trust consists of a group of whipmakers dedicated to not only the highest standards in whipmaking, but also in Customer Service.  

Leistungpeitsche Practice

6 Foot Leistungpeitsche Bullwhip

This is a video of Whip Cracker David Spreen of Texas practicing with his LP Bullwhip.  I know David has competed at the annual Whip Enthusiasts gathering in Grand Prairie, I'm hoping he'll take this whip with him next time :)

The First Matched Set

7 Foot Exowhips

This was the first matched set of Exowhips ever, and one of my very first videos.

Bela & Lokai

Matched Set or Polar Opposites?

This is my most recent matched set, the first exowhips with a dacron carapace.  I feel this is my best work as far as patternwork is concerned.

Six Foot Dacron Bullwhip

Compared next to a Roohide Whip

This is one of my simple whip demonstrations, and as an aded bonus I compare one of my dacron whips next to a 6 foot Roohide whip from Mike Murphy's AWS range.  This is a slightly older video, and I used different construction methods back then.  I'll have to do another comparison this summer...

Four Foot Dacron Bullwhip

Traditional style, and free advice

This is one of the few traditional style bullwhips I've done, and I also address some common questions that people have about what length of whip to buy when they're first getting started.

Whip Basics Review

The Leistungspeitsche Line

Click here to see my friend Robby Amper review the new Leistungspeitshe bullwhip and stockwhip- designed and made for professionals!

Whip Basics Review

The Night Train

Click here to see Robby review the new Night Train Bullwhip- those of you who like heavier whips will find this interesting...

Whip Basics Review

7 foot stockwhip

This was my first stockwhip, made from polyester flat braid and dacron with a tapered Carbon Graphite handle.

Two handed bullwhip practice

Matched set of 4.5' Bullwhips 

This is my friend Fritz Ehlers from England practicing with his .new set of 4.5' dacron bullwhips.  He was preparing for the 2nd annual UK whipcracking convention.

​GEAR Magazine

Profile of Robby Amper

This was from GEAR, a German outdoor lifestyle magazine, when they were profiling my friend and whip teacher Robert Amper of www.whip-basics.de.  They used this shot of the first Exowhip I sent to Robby for a review.

Whip Basics Video

The Arm Sling

Click here to watch Robby Amper of the Whip Basics teach the Arm Sling using an Exowhip as well as a roohide whip from my friend and fellow Ring of Trust member Simon Martin.