OK, so this is obviously not a set, but I had to pick this one because I couldn't wait to show off the wooden handle knob by Roy Partin from gatorwhips.com and Whip Nation!  Look for more wooden handles, including ones with custom burning... and when I say custom burning, I'm not talking about computer laser etching, I'm talking about art done by hand :)

I'll let this video speak for itself- for the record, I AM a member of the Ring of Trust.  I AM NOT a member of the Circle of Integrity, I never gave permission for my name to be used with that.

UPDATE:  The same day that this video was posted Josh pulled down the false list and issued an apology.  I have accepted his apology, thanks to everyone who supported me in this :)

Item- The First Shipment of Red Wave Lace Will Be Here Within Days! 

The selection grows!

I've always had a special liking for black and red together, and whips are certainly no exception.  I'll be doing a matched set of black and red short bulls which I will be posting here very soon.  Which color should I get next?  Drop me a line with your vote on what you'd like to see!

Item- My Friend Robby Amper has a new project!

Stay Alive!  Women's self defense DVD

Item- New material is in, and awesome!

I've received my first shipment of the new lace, and it's superfluous!  I started with black, because I still have several black whip orders to fill... So far the only differences I notice between it and dacron are that this is slightly less shiny but that it's a deeper, richer black- in fact, if you hold this up next to dacron it makes the dacron look dark grey.  In early September, I will be receiving my first shipment of Coyote Brown in the new lace, can't wait- the moment I finish a whip with the new color, I'll be posting it here!

Item- Pipe Whips are coming to Exowhips!

I've contemplated adding pipe whips to my line for some time now.  I was first inspired to try it out when my friend Bobbi HolyOak released her Show Whip with a copper pipe handle.  It was, I thought, much more elegant than the PVC plastic handle variety.  Nothing against those, I just never thought it would fit with my style.  I didn't want to copy Bobbi though, so I came up with a design that reflects the Cow Whip (As the progenitor of the pipe whip) with a cup at the end, and although I will have copper available, I am also incorporating brass- and you can have it polished, aged dark or even aged with engraving.  There will be so many options with these, I'm very excited about it!   Look for these to show up as a regular item soon, and my friend Robby Amper will be releasing a review this fall!

Item- Price change effective June 16th, 2015

I've been considering this for some time, and it became unavoidable when I knew I was going to be changing my material- yes, you heard right, but you can read more about that below!  I've been putting this off for some time, I've always tried to keep my prices low and competitive, but there is a LOT of labor involved in plaiting small diameter lace.  If you have contacted me to express interest in a whip, even if you hadn't committed to anything, if you decide to pull the trigger I will still give you the old price.  Of course this applies only to people who contacted me before the price increase :)  And now, if you're itching to read about the new material....

News and Upcoming Changes

Check back here frequently, because there are loads of new designs and changes on the way...  And you want to find out first, don't you? 

Quality & Innovation

Robby's a great teacher, so I'm very pleased to see him tackle the topic of women's self defense.  This DVD is starkly realistic- The techniques are not pretty, just boiled down to be effective and simple.  You can purchase the 2 disc set here:

Stay Alive! DVD

Item- Rhett Kelley is Leaving the Ring Of Trust

Let me assure everyone that this is an amicable departure, he has put whipmaking on the back burner in favor of a career in Law Enforcement.  I wish Rhett all success in his new job- stay safe Rhett!

Whip Nation Site is Live!

The very first place to get all your whip supplies in one place!

Whip Nation is a new business venture by my friend Roy Partin over at Gator Whips.com.  This is the first time ever that whipmakers have been able to get all the whipmaking supplies they need from one place, that means no more hunting around for 10 different suppliers- and his prices can't be beat.  Please check out his site and pick yourself up something nice!  

Taking Something Away, Adding Something In

We're Reducing Colors, But Adding a Whole New Dimension in Handle Choices 

I'm sorry to report that our supplier has discontinued 3 colors of Wave Lace- Colonial Blue, Emerald Green, and Kelly Green.  Thanks for your patience, to all of you who had ordered in these colors before I was able to update my site.  I have changed all of the options now to reflect the change.  That still leaves 7 choices for wave lace, plus everything we can do with paracord to boot.  

  Now, to what we're adding in:  Wooden handles, turned by my friend Roy Partin from Gator whips and Whip Nation.  Not only are we adding in the option of long wooden handles, but also wooden knobs that would be a replacement for a turk's head knot.  I find these supremely comfortable, and in fact I would go so far as to say that if I had my preference I would do this for every whip I made from now on.  In addition to being able to have wooden handles, I'm offering custom woodburning for an additional charge- the charge will vary by design.  It can be my design or your design.  If you have a design, I just need to see it and I'll let you know if it can be done.  So far I've burned a long bloodwood handle and a set of purple heart knobs... I'm still figuring out pricing, but I'll be adding these into the regular options soon... 

Item- A new material is coming to Exowhips!

I still have some dacron left, but when that's gone I will be switching to a new material- Nylon! ...but not paracord.  What I've done is convinced a mill to braid me nylon lace with:

  • The same size thread as dacron
  • the same weave as dacron
  • The same size lace as dacron
  • the same flexability and characteristics as dacron
  • the same smooth flow as dacron

So what's different?  Well, this will be available in 10 different colors for starters!  I will put the color list up soon, and also I will be putting up pictures of my first colored whips.  If you're considering ordering, your whip will definitely be made of the new material.  I will be switching over before I complete the orders I currently have.  The mill has a rather large minimum order, so I will be starting with black and white and then picking up red, brown, etc....You'll have to keep checking back here often to see!