This one started out as an Exosnake, (which you can see on the Custom Work page), but I tried something new, since it's such a short whip, and I loaded both of the internal bellies with lead, and it came out too thick for a carapace.  However, it's just fine for a traditional snake.  It's fast and heavy, and it has just the right amount of leverage.  

3.5' Loaded Snake Whip

SOLD- No Longer Available

This is a 6 foot Exosnake with a coral snake pattern that I have seen Rhett Kelley and others use, and always admired.  It has two dacron bellies, an 18 plait dacron overlay and the carapace- the carapace starts as a 16 plait and drops to 12, which is why the yellow fades out.   

Coral Snake

This is a 6 foot long snake, and it won't bite you if you have good alignment:)

Since these weren't done for a specific customer, I had to work on them a bit here and there, and it took months.  I definitely have a special place in my heart for these.  If you have any questions, please let me know, and thanks for looking!

...With  3 internal flat braid bellies, and Dacron overlay and carapace...

These are 6 feet long, with 12 inch handles...

Bela & Lokai

Matched Set or Polar Opposites?

My Wife and I were watching the Classic Star Trek episode, "Let This Be Your Last Battlefield"  (with Frank Gorshin!)  and I thought, "That would be fun to do with a set of whips."  These are chromatic opposites, as much as possible.  I'm rather proud of them, and while I do intend to do more Exowhips with black and white dacron carapaces, 

I plan on doing them with either black or white thongs, not mixed like these and definitely not another set like these.  I want these to stay unique.

Off The Shelf

Whips Ready To Ship

Occasionally, I may have whips that are ready for immediate purchase.  These may be whips that customers ordered and were unable to pay for upon completion, whips I made to be able to photograph for my website, experiments on a new design, or whips I made during a slow time between orders.  If it's an experimental design, I will list specific details about what's different from my usual specs.  These whips will come with the usual assortment of falls, and they will be sold as-is as far as colors go (i.e., I won't change the colors on an exowhip- you'll have to order from scratch if you want something that isn't here).  I will, however change the knots to fit your hand if necessary.  Just let me know your hand measurements or your preferred knot size.  There will probably never be a lot of whips here but check back regularly because you never know what may pop up.  

Quality & Innovation

Lead loaded, heavy and fast!

3.5'  Blacksnake

SOLD- No longer available


Bela & Lokai

SOLD- No Longer Available