Quality & Innovation

The Night Sky is a premium Pipe Whip- it comes with an aged concho, a selectively aged handle, an aged collar with highlighted rims, and an aged cup, all in brass.  The thong has two internal Wave Lace bellies and a Wave Lace overlay with a little pattern work on the thong for an accent.  I bind the transition area on all my pipe whips so it's going to handle more like a bullwhip.   All of the aging is included in the price, and if you like you can include custom etching for an extra fee.  How much depends on what you want- it's quite 

The Night Sky

A Marriage of Art and Utility

Subtle Depth

Years ago, it started with the Night Train, but the plan was always to expand to a full product line.  Now, with the addition of the Night Sky pipe whip, we have the makings of that line.  There will be at least one more addition to The Night Line- To find out what that will be, watch this space :)  The Night Line are characterized by outwardly simple construction, that reveals more detail the closer you look at them, and especially when you crack them.  

Length 4 foot $225.00 USD 6 foot $295.00 USD 8 foot $365.00 USD

The Night Sky Review

With Robby Amper of Whip Basics

Here Robby presents the Night Sky in detail, with his opinion on what it's good for, what it's not good for, and of course, some cracking :)

challenging to draw and etch on the curved surface of the pipe, so there are limitations on what can be done.  I'm not using any computer software or a machine for the etching- it's done by hand with chemical masks and baths.  If you're interested we can come up with a design and I'll draw what it would look like so you can say yes or no before we do anything permanent.  

Night Train Review

With Robby Amper

Here Robby Amper from the Whip Basics reviews the Night Train and explains  the philosophy behind the seemingly simple design...


Leistungspeitsche Review with Robby Amper

Here is Robby's review of the Leistungspeitsche line, where he explains very well how the design is targeted at professional performers.

WBSR Whip Review with Robby Amper

On the set of the USS Highlander!

Robby found out I like Science Fiction, so when he did this review he filmed it on the set of the U.S.S. Highlander, from the German Star Trek series.  (Robby played Captain Norad)

The Whip Basics Signature Range Exowhip

Distinctive Style

The Whip Basics Signature Range Exowhip comes standard with a silver chrome collar and will from now on also include extra weight in the fall hitch.  It's pictured here in Purple Camo for the Carapace, although you may still order a different color or length if you like, or for that matter, change the collar.  But all  Exowhips will be considered WBSR orders.  When my friend Robby Amper at Whip Basics originally started the Signature Range, he accepted cut of sales from any whip makers who had whips in the Range.  A few years ago however, he directed everyone to donate his cut to an animal shelter of their choice.  In my case, the donation goes to Ferret City Shelter and Rescue in Mt. Vernon, Wa.  They do great work finding homes for all of the ferrets who get purchased in pet stores because they're cute or someone saw them in a movie, and then abandoned when those folks discover there's actual responsibility involved.  My wife and I have had pet ferrets for years, so this was a natural choice for the WBSR beneficiary.  In fact, here you  can see our little fuzzy friend Loki helping me in the shop:

Length 6 foot $235.00 USD 8 foot $305.00 USD
Length 6 foot $300.00 USD 8 foot $370.00 USD
Length 6 foot $260.00 USD 8 foot $330.00 USD


Bullwhip- Accuracy & Precision

Like it's stockwhip counterpart, the Leistungpeitsche Bullwhip is designed for the professional stage performer.  As with the stockwhip, it features a high visibilty white thong, a quick change fall hitch with added weight in the hitch and a Neon Orange fall (don't worry, you'll get spare falls in multiple colors with any whip you order), and a simple black handle with a ferrule for a just a touch of flair.  Where they differ is that the Bullwhip, with it's 16 inch long handle and stiff transition, is 

uniquely suited to target work.  It can certainly be used for complex routines, but at it's heart it is a target whip.  So, the next time you find yourself on a stage with hundreds of fans eagerly waiting for you to cut a flower out of your assistants' mouth, turn to the professional choice- the Leistungpeitsche.


Stockwhip- A Professional Tool 

This whip is designed from the ground up to suit the needs of the professional performer on stage, whether you perform in a magic show, comedy act, or reinaissance  fairs, this whip will grab your audience' attention with it's high visibilty white thong and Neon Orange fall.  Like all our whips, the fall can be changed in seconds, so you can practice with whatever fall you like and keep one totally clean for your routine.  As a new feature, there's just a bit of extra weight in the fall hitch for an extra pull for target work.  The handle is black to "pop" the white out, and it has a silver ferrule for a bit of flash.  If your routine features intricate Australian style cracking combinations, this is the whip for you.  If however, you favor the smooth flowing lines one gets with a bullwhip, then please consider...

Designed for Professional Performers

Leistungspeitsche is German for "Performance Whips".  I got the idea from my German friend Robby Amper of the Whip Basics Forum and so I chose this name in his honor.  Robby has been a good friend and supporter over the years, a constant source of advice and constructive criticism that has helped me continually improve my whipmaking skills, so I was pleased to give him a nod.  


The Night Train

Classic Styling

This whip is a bit of a departure for me- it was designed to evoke the classic styling of some of the early cinema heroes...Many people may categorize a whip like this as "Indy Style" but I like to think of it as "Zorro Style".  Most of my whips could fit into what's known as the "Australian Style" mostly because of the long handles I typically use.  This whip fits into the "American" or Classic style with an 8 inch handle and your choice of thong length.  The whip pictured is a 6 foot whip.  The other thing that's interesting about these is that they are crafted to be a working style whip; The current design uses a heavy core with additional lead loading on the first belly to give extra weight and a sweet balance.