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Infinite Variety

On our Drop down menus we're limited to 10 choices- However, there are over 100 colors available with more coming out all the time.  So, if you have a color you want and you don't see it on our drop-down menu or the chart below, don't despair- I can get it.  Just select "Other" on the drop-down menu and e-mail me about what you'd like.  If I don't have it already, I'll be happy to order it.  Here's some charts to give you some ideas:

*Colors And Hand Measurements*

Please see my note at the bottom of the page.

Hand Measurements

Because Your Whip Should Fit Like a Glove

When you check out, you'll be prompted to enter hand measurements.  I need:

  1. The width of your palm
  2. The length from the base of your palm to the base of your middle finger
  3. The length of your middle finger

With These, I will fit the knot to your hand...Just Like a Glove.  You can also enter in the diameter of the heel knot on your favorite whip, if you have one.


Snakes can have a carapace too...

The difference between our Snake whips and our Exosnakes is the same as the difference between bulwhips and Exowhips- A slightly stiffer transition, some more color, and a thicker grip.  They crack exactly the same.  I use the same binding on the Exosnakes so there's a little more leverage than what you might be used to on a snake.

Snake Whips

Bullwhip fluidity in a compact package

If you're not familiar with snake whips, they're essentially like a bullwhip, but with no internal handle foundation.  In the old days cowboys and stockmen could roll up a snake and put it in a duster pocket or a saddlebag.  To keep them from having a wet noodle feel, I do the same kind of binding between internal bellies that I would do on a bullwhip, and I also use a little grapevine service in Wave Lace on the outside.  This gives you some leverage but keeps the flexible, highly portable nature of the snake whip.  In general, the snake design is considered to be well suited for short whips, say 3 to 5 feet long, because they don't have much leverage.  With the extra leverage you get from the binding, I've enjoyed cracking snakes as long as 6 feet and I'm adding that to the regular lineup.