Quality & Innovation
Length 4 foot $170.00 USD 6 foot $240.00 USD 8 foot $310.00 USD Thong Color 1 Black Coyote Tan Yellow Electric Blue Thong Color 2 Black Coyote Tan Yellow Electric Blue Accent Color Chocolate Brown Crimson Purple Camo Neon Orange Other Keeper Color Black Red

You can find a great deal more colors at: www.parachute-cord.com

Handle Diameter

For Comfortable Cracking

When you order any whip from us, you'll be prompted at checkout to provide hand measurements.  For bullwhips, I use that to size the knot- On a stockwhip, it's meant to be held by the handle so I will use that to determine the handle diameter.  I need:

  1. The width of your palm
  2. The length from the base of your palm to the base of your middle finger
  3. The length of your middle finger


For Handles and Knots

On our drop down menus for knot colors, we're limited to 10 choices.  If you don't see the color or colors that you'd like there, simply select "Other" and then e-mail me the color you'd like to have.  The colors you choose for the knots will be reflected on the handle.  Sometimes this can get confusing, if necessary I'll do a sketch of the handle with what colors go where and have you sign off on it before I start plaiting.  Here's some charts that show just some of the other colors available, but they're always coming out with more, so if you've seen a color on a parachute cord site that you want, just let me know and I can get it.


In Copper or Nickel Silver

I currently offer collars in copper and nickle silver.  I make the copper collars myself and the knots will cover the ends.  I have to order the Nickle silver collars so they cost more.  The nickle silver collars have what's known as "Beaded Edges,"  and the knots will butt up against the exposed ends.

Copper- $10

Nickel Silver- $25

Exowhips Stockwhips

The Classic Re-defined

Stock whips are a fairly recent venue for me, and now I wonder why I waited so long to explore this great design.  The combination of the long handle and flexible connection to the thong create a unique feel that's difficult to describe- If you're a bullwhip guy or gal, you're probably used to smooth flowing lines, I can only say it's surprising how quickly you can change directions with a stock whip.