Sali Tyler What a big surprise :-) today I got the Night Train!!! I find it very beautiful! She is very simple but it looks just fantastic, legendary or unbelievabele... Many thanks for the great work! take care Mirko

Freddy T., Sweden

7 Foot Clean Silhouette Bullwhip

Michelle T., Wisconsin

6 foot Bullwhip

Yes it arrived. :)  That was quite the box you shipped it in. ;)  I haven't had much chance to play with it, but it's the best whip I own and I'm looking forward to showing it off to my friends this weekend.  :)  Thanks you so much,


Fritz E., United Kingdom

Matched set of 4.5 foot Bullwhips

Hey Tyler,

  I've got the whips, just picked them up.  The knots are dead right, fit perfectly in my hands.  Awesome stuff, the best part is I have about ten days off now. :)  I'll go and have a play and report back.  Thanks again,


Camilo L., New Jersey

8 foot Exowhip

Hey Tyler,

  Sorry it took so long to write!  The whip arrived safely the other day and finally I had a good chance to give it a good try.  I am still amazed at how light and nimble the whip is!  The knot also fits nicely which is a definite plus.  Thanks so much, now with the warmer days coming it will be getting more and more use :)

Nathan O., Alabama

8 Foot Exowhip with a Snakehead Handle

Beautiful, I got the whip yesterday it's one of the best flowing a nd looking I've ever seen much less owned.  I love it.  Your work is beautiful, the plaiting is perfect, you've done an amazing job and I will be ordering again in the future, thanks.  It took a bit of getting used to but I love the feel of the snake head.  Very interesting, you're right about it making you use a rolling loop style.  I love it.


Stacy W., New Mexico

5 foot Bullwhip

Whip got here today.  It is even better than I imagined.  I love it!


Ted H., North Carolina

8 foot Exowhip- with a Custom Mokume-Gane Collar


  I just went to the store to pick it up.  It didn't arrive on Friday to my I had them call me if it arrived today...which it did...

  Absolutely wonderful piece.  Better even than the photos.  The girls at the store wew impreseed.  I told them it was for herding cats...somehow, I doubt they believe me...

  Anyway, I am in awe of how tightly you plaited it...Incredible.  Beautiful work.  Needless to say, I took it out for a test drive as soon as I got home, and I wasn't disappointed.  Cracks like a pistol right out of the box...this bodes very well indeed.  My whip skills are mediocre at best, so any video you care to send me would be appreciated.  In conclusion, can not say thank you enough...  The whip is outstanding, period.  You are welcome to use this piece on your website or any other place you wish...Now, where are those damn cats?

Thanks again,


Stacy W, New Mexico

Matched set of 3 foot Bullwhips

The new build sounds great.  Should be a really cool whip.  I got the set and they are FREAKING AWESOME!!  Light as feathers and crack like a .22 pistol.  You have done a fabulous job my friend.  I will be proud to display these!!

Per S., Norway

8 foot Exowhip

Again, thank you for such a great whip. Love it, love it, love it.

All the best,



Jeff L., Indiana

6 foot Bullwhip

Hello Tyler,

  It took me awhile to get this whip in because I was on vacation until today.  I took it out and it is marvelous.  Thanks so much for all your work and I can't wait for those pointers to get me going.  Thanks,


Fritz E., United Kingdom

Matched set of 6 foot Exowhips

Hi Tyler,

  I picked up the whips today.  They were stuck at customs for a few days.

  Anyway, I'm speechless.  These whips are stunning to look at, I love everything about them.  The heelknots are perfect size, they fit snug into my hands for a good firm grip.  I had a quick play earlier and it's such a pleasure to crack them, very easy to crack with no effort.  They're very light.  I'll have a good play with them when the wind calms down, it's been a bit stormy.  I'll also post some photos up of the whips soon and some video.  

  They're slimmer than I had expected, very slick looking whips.  Nicky might be getting in touch with you about a pair as well now.  She's been wanting to get a pair so I'll let her give mine a go....a bit like try before you buy.=)

Nicky B., United KIngdom

Matched set of 6 foot Bullwhips

Oh yeah baby!  They fly like a dream and crack beautifully.  Had to sneak out to the park and give them a try.  Thanks again Tyler for a stunning piece of work and super fast delivery. US to UK in 48 hours.  I'll be promoting your crafstmanship at Play Festival next week so hopefully it'll drum up some more business for you.  Am grinning like a kid is a sweet store :) :) :)

Stacey W., New Mexico

8 foot Bullwhip

All I can say is WOW!  I was worried about the handleknot/ferrule placement, but that is not an issue at all!  THe whip is LIGHT and AGILE!  

Man, you did a great job in my opinion!  The plaiting is tight, the whip flows easily, and I was more than able to pull it from the box and perform a fast figure 8(on a side plane and a front plane)....This may not impress you, but I don't do multiple cracks and have never completed one sucessfully until today.  

  Just for the record, I think you are a true artist when it comes to whip design.  Moving knots around, your desire to make knots that fit the buyers hand, and using the walking stick heads on the whips all prove your devotion to the craft and your ability to think outside the box.

Thank you again, for what I think is a VERY fine whip.  I don't think you know this, but these are my first two synthetic whips.  My others, about 6 of them are all roo-hide or leather.  I was very interested to compare how "Dacron" stacked up against Paracrod and Roo-hide.  You have done Dacron proud.  


See what our customers and whip professionals have to say about Exowhips...


Robby Amper

Whip Basics Reviews

      Years ago, I had one of Tyler's first dacron whips in my hand.  It was nice.  The evolution these whips made was incredible.  There was always one thing to choose- Nylon or Leather.  That's it.  But, Tyler added another aspect- his combination of flat braid poly and dacron.  This design brings together the toughness of a nylon whip (snow, mud, rain, wet grass) with the elegance  and fluidity of Roohide.  Of course there's a difference between these materials and Roo, but it's very, very close.  To crack these whips is a sheer joy- they are precise, elegant and light weight.  

  I made two reviews on Tyler's work.  The first one is here:  .  The other one you can find here:   If you like... As far as I'm concerned, Tyler Blake is one of the top ten whipmakers, together with Simon Martin, Terry Jacka, Rhett Kelley, Steph Normand and Jeremy McEachern.  Just to name a few.  Of course Tyler Blake isn't the only one who's making great whips. But he's one of the great names in whipmaking!

  If you're more into heavy whips, you won't like Tyler's work.  Like I said, his whips are light weighted and elegant.  Perfect for performance and target work.  He invented the Exowhip, a complete new approach to transitions.  I'm sure that this style will be copied soon.  But to be fair, it should be known as "Tyler Blake style".

Robert Amper


Quality & Innovation

Naji M., Rhode Island

7 foot Exowhip

Hi Tyler, I got the whip. It is wonderful. It feels like a Roo whip. The reinforced transition zone is sturdy, and the remaining of the thong is very fluid, allowing for a very nice flow. The whip is so easy to crack, and is excellent for fast routines. I trained with it yesterday. I am going on an urgent trip abroad today, I will email you when I am back. Thanks so much for this beautiful whip.

Mirko M., Switzerland

6 foot Night Train

Mr.Tyler Blake. I have just received the whip and ............. Straight from my heart ,no bullshit talking, the truth and nothing but the truth. The whip is mindblowing. I am not a pro in whipcracking but my Collection is growing and i want it to grow. The first feeling was when I crack it here in the dark, was how light the whip was, so light and elegant.I compare the weight to my 5, 4 Kangaroo hide stock whip made by Peter jack and your whip is lighter. I do not want to compare your whip to my nylon whips because your whip is something above them, I will never buy a nylon whip more in my life. I think that only you Tyler, Steve Huntress and Steve Koliski use dacron in whipmaking. I am very happy right now and will do some more whipcracking tomorrow in the Daylight. I wish you the very best Tyler and thank you so much for a great whip)). Freddy...

Mirko M, Switzerland

7 Foot Exowhip

Hi Tyler Thank you very much! Your whip was well received by me :) I find it very beautiful, the black and red looks just great! You've done a great job! I will now try to make a few cracks :)) I will, if I have time- post some photos in the WBforum. Many thanks for everything

Guro Michael Lorimer-George, U.K.

7 Foot Exowhip

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Master Tyler Blake your products are works of pure genius crafted with skill that is rarely seen, each unique and very special to be treasured and passed down as heirlooms to the next generation, These products are really made to last. Customer serves is second to none, addressing any issues you may have with the most professional and friendly manner possible. Diwang Panlaban Kali UK Guro Michael Lorimer-George

Jason C., Florida

7 foot Bullwhip

Arrived safely.  Very nice.  Nice tight braids.  Nice taper.  Perfect knots size and placement.  Love the weight and material.  I really dig the black and brown color combo with the grape vine.  Cracks very nice and smooth.  It already feels more broken in being new compared to roohide or leather.  I bet when it breaks in completely it will be even better.  We will enjoy it :)  

Thanks you very much.  You've been a pleasure to deal with.