Quality & Innovation

Here is the standard handle length guide for the Academy bullwhip:

4 foot - 8 inch

5 foot - 9 inch

6 foot - 10 inch

7 foot- 11 inch

8 foot - 12 inch

If you have a different preference on the handle length, no problem- just let me know when you place your order and we can do whatever length you'd like.

For the time, we're starting off with bullwhips, but watch this space to see the line expand- we'll have snake whips next, and then I'm considering cow whips and pipe whips!

Introducing The Academy Line of  Whips

For Students, Martial Artists, and Those on a Budget

For some time, I've wanted to introduce a model that would be useful for those just beginning with whip cracking that would be affordable and simple, but still feature the performance and smooth flow of my other whips.  I wanted something not only for beginners and students, but also that would appeal to martial artists and really anyone who wanted a good whip but didn't want to spend what I charge on my more deluxe models.  And of course, it had to be something I could do cost effectively.  I decided I wanted it to be on the heavy side- For someone who's just starting, I think we get more "feedback" from a heavier whip- you feel what the whip is doing through your forearm muscles.  I always counsel people to start with at least a 6 footer, so that you can have a chance to see and feel what is happening as the whip rolls out.  

  This was the most simple design I could come up with that satisfied me- it has lead weighting in the thong, a flat braid belly over the 4 plait core, and a wave lace overlay.  (Along with bolsters and binding)  The twisted end functions essentially the same as an English Eye, so those who are used to my other designs will still change falls in the same way.     

In the spirit of keeping these simple and cost effective, there will be no fancy plaiting.  On the twisted end and 4 plait section, it's made from paracord so you can pick any color you like that paracord comes in for that- One color only though, please.  On the overlay, you can pick any one color that Wave Lace comes in.  And for the knots and falls I will use whatever colors you picked for the core and overlay, unless you have a different accent color you'd like.  I don't mind doing two-color knots, that doesn't really add labor for me.  So on the drop down menu, "Color 1" will be for the Paracord core, and "Color 2" will be for the Wave Lace overlay.  

Length 4 foot $100.00 USD 6 foot $150.00 USD 8 foot $200.00 USD Color 1 White Neon Orange Crimson Purple Other Color 2 Black Coyote Tan Yellow Electric Blue Accent Color White Neon Orange Crimson Purple Other